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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What makes the LT Rewards so unique?
A. The purpose of any membership is to establish your travel status and grant you access to where you want to go or be. What is so unique about your LT Rewards is that it empowers you as a traveler, secures certain privileges, and allows you to access benefits and accommodation rights usually reserved only for resort property owners.

Q. Is the LT Rewards a physical card?
A. No, it is better than a physical card, which might get lost or misplaced, your LT Rewards is digital and available wherever you have phone or internet access. Your LT Rewards subscription enters you into our database as a resort property owner and allows you direct access to these exclusive services. As long as your subscription remains active, our fulltime Service Representatives are available to ensure full delivery of all of the perks and benefits to which you are entitled as a Member.

Q. As a LT Rewards holder, what types of benefits can I expect?
A. The following is a list of benefits that are available to you.

  • Luxury Condo Resorts Worldwide: Up to 60% savings - sometimes even more - including All-Inclusive Vacations at premier resorts
  • Hotels: 40 - 60% savings - including 4 & 5 Star properties
  • Guaranteed Lowest Available Price on Airfare at time of booking
  • Guaranteed Lowest Available Price on Car Rental at time of booking
  • Price Match Guarantee on Airfare and Car Rental
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed on Major Cruise Lines - on every Major Cruise Line in the world including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Seaborne, and many more.
  • Specialty Trips, such as White Water Rafting, Dive Expeditions, Adventure

Q. Can you give me an example how customer service can help me with my vacation?
A. Let's say you and your family would like to take a 2-week vacation to Italy, and you want to visit 5 cities. You simply let your LT Rewards Service Rep know when you want to leave, when you want to come home, which cities you want to visit, and how long you want to stay in each city. And then he or she will go to work for you. Your itinerary will then be presented to you - flights, hotels, car rentals, everything. At that point, of course, if you see some changes you want to make, you simply express your preferences to your Service Rep. Once you are perfectly happy, your Service Rep books the entire trip for you, just as you agreed and with the very best pricing. In fact, your Rep can even arrange car service to and from the airport, help you with your passport, insurance, and everything you need for that perfect Dream Vacation.

Q. Where is the LT Rewards available?
A. The LT Rewards can be used and promoted worldwide. At the present time, however, we are only able to service English and Spanish speaking Members.

Q. How soon can I start using my Benefits?
A. IMMEDIATELY! After your application has been submitted, you will receive a welcome email with your User Name and Password.

Q. Can I have friends and family (outside of my immediate family) use my membership?
A. Based upon the Starter Pack you purchase, LT Rewards offers both an Individual and a Family Membership. With a Family Membership, you can have up to 4 family members and friends added to your membership, (or you can use it on their behalf, so long as you are booking their accommodations through your membership).

Q. How many vacations or trips can I book with my membership?
A. There are no limitations on how many vacations or trips you can take.

Q. How many resorts can I access with my LT Rewards?
A. LT Rewards opens up the largest inventory in the industry. With over 5,000 resorts Worldwide, our available inventory exceeds an incredible 250,000 Vacation Weeks in Real Time.

Q. Are there any blackout dates or restrictions?
A. With your LT Rewards, there are no blackout dates or restrictions. However, you should know that certain times of the year, inventories can become limited or subject to additional fees.

Q. How nice are the resorts? Are these properties First-Class?
A. Our properties are first class all the way. They are beautiful 3, 4, and 5 Star Resorts. We even have private executive homes available, as well as high-end resorts with gorgeous bedrooms, big living rooms, full kitchens, and spacious balconies overlooking the ocean or facing world class golf courses or offering breathtaking views of the mountains.

Q. I love to go on luxury cruises. What can I expect with my LT Rewards?
A. You will have access to all of the Major Cruise Lines around the world, including, but not limited to, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, Holland America, and Seaborne. Our extensive inventory will always guarantee you the lowest possible price at the time of booking. We also have Special Cruise Packages that can give as much as a 60% savings.

Q. For how long is my membership active?
A. Your unlimited membership will be fully active for thirty (30) days from the date you register. Thereafter, you may keep your membership active by maintaining your LT Rewards Subscription Monthly Fee. Failing to keep up your monthly subscription does not cancel your mambership, but it will keep you from being able to access your ongoing privileges.

If you have a question that was not answered here, then please contact our Customer Support Team.